Tuesday, 9 November 2010


This is a second year project. I started with looking at ink splatters. I started to notice distorted body shapes in some of them, which led me onto looking at contortionists. I saw one image where i was unsure which were arms and which were legs. This was the idea behind this dress. I wanted it to be unclear which the models real arms were! I did have alot of fun with this!


This was a project from First Year. I chose the word Tawdry as my starting point. My shapes came from the thong sticking out of trousers (the Whale Tail) and the under layer idea came from Tim Westwoods majorly oversized clothes. Oh Tim Westwood........................

First year

This is the very first project i did at uni. It was based on Circles. I looked at a Cannon Ball and the Cannon Ball flower, which is where the Grey and Pink come from! I think this project was sucessful because i made something seen as feminine (the Circle) apper quite masculine.

University projects

This is a project i did in my second year at Uni. It was based on the film Gangs of New York which i absolutely love. I think the clothes they wear are fascinating. Not sure why but they remind me of the Circus.